Developing Quality Software Since 1999

Served in the Intelligence Corps.

Worked for Comverse, Kidaro, Microsoft and now at HPE.

Most of my work so far is UI and Front-end oriented.

I have over 10 years of C# experience and several years of web development as well.

Check out my online activity in the professional forums:

My passion is Game Development.

My favorite genres (for play) are FPS, Quests and MMORPG.


All games designed and developed exclusively by Lilo Elia

Except "SandCastles in the Sand" which was co-developed during Game Jam 2017

Doomed Rescue

My first 3D Shooter  (Work in Progress)

What started out as an exercise for making my first FPS, quickly evolved into a more complex RPG/Adventure style game.
This FPS will have you follow orders, find clues, complete tasks and also, of course, shoot a lot of zombies before they make you one of them.

Double Breaker

Multiplayer Twist on a Classic Game

Block breaker is fun, but it’s just for one player. What if we could make it for two players? But that’s not enough, I want both players to actually play together! On the same device at the same time! Meet Double Breaker!

Whiteboard Escape

My First Unity Game

My own graphics, my own logic, no external assets were used!
The only thing I didn’t do myself in this game is the music.
This is a single level demo of a game concept where you play a tiny stick figure, drawn and trapped on a whiteboard, trying to escape. The player has to solve riddles, find keys and progress through the rooms, sometimes going back for new clues or tasks to complete. The game starts as a blank board with only the player and the first room visible. Each time a player opens a door or a portal she gets to see the next room.

Simon Who?

A clone of the classic game, with more options

Who doesn’t like classics, right?
So, as part of learning to work with Unity, I did this exercise of recreating a classic game I had when I was a kid. The emphasis here was on building the logic and game flow, less on the graphics ;-)
This game also contains an advanced level with six colors instead of four.

Player has to choose a picture matching the english word.

He can also click the word to hear it, but it costs points!

English1 (temp name)

An Educational Game I Made in a Weekend

I made this game for my 9 years old kid in order to help him with his English studies. It’s very basic but also very addictive. He played with this days on end.
The most fun I had during development of this game was having him playtest the game early on and suggest changes and improvements. He had great input and together we perfected this fun and simple game.

Pile up sand with the bucket.


Build and fix castles with the shovel.


Use the net to catch crabs that ruin your castles.

SandCastles in the Sand (GGJ2017)

Fight the Waves of Water and Crabs as you Build your Kingdom... from Sand

I Co-Developed this Game during a single weekend, as part of the Global Game Jam 2017 challenge. We spent an entire weekend in an old and beautiful building in the beautiful and romantic Jaffa, just above the coast line, and developed games with people we’ve never met before.

המשחק של עמית (Amit’s Game)

An Educational Game of Hebrew Spelling

Native Android App, developed in Java late 2014.
I developed this game for my daughter (Amit) who was back then 9 years old.
I was really worried about her (and her age group’s) spelling mistakes and decided to do something about it.
Although she didn’t play much with this game she was very proud of it and till this day we all have it on our phones and show it off to our friends.

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